Saturday, April 03, 2010

The House with Red Trim

For background on my Coleman line please see my post My Boston Colemans.

A few years ago I discovered my Great GrandUncle Michael T. Coleman was an owner of the bottling company Coleman & Keating based in Boston. Whenever I am in an antique store I'm always on the look out for their bottles to purchase as a family heirloom and every few months I do a Google search for "Coleman & Keating"to see if I can find any more information about the company. About a week ago I conducted one of those searches and came across a solitary blog post talking about Coleman and Keating and listed an email address. I quickly composed an email explaining my relationship to Michael T. Coleman via his brother Patrick Coleman (My Great Grandfather). Soon after I received a response from Patrick Coleman explaining that this he was Michael's Great Grand son and both his father and grandfather had worked at the factory. He also said that his father had very fond memories of my Great-Grandfather Patrick Coleman. Below is the email I received from Paul Coleman (Patrick's father) describing his memories of my great grandfather Patrick:

Hi Sandra,
I am Paul Coleman. I am 81 years old, a retired physician and the father of Patrick Coleman who gave me your address. I live in Danbury Connecticut. I grew up very close to my grandfather , Michel, and am very familiar with Coleman & Keating and worked there for my Dad, Walter, for practically all of my "growing up" years and loved every minute of it with many happy memories with my two heroes--my Dad and my grandfather.
I also knew Uncle Pat and remember him well. My son sent me a photo of him and I can verify that it certainly looks just as I remembered him. Although I knew little of his personal life I visited him several times in his beautiful home in Nantasket Beach. I remember his beautiful spotless shiny red convertible sedan with white sidewalls. His driveway was cement with a flower garden growing down the center - a most unusual site. His home was white with bright red trim and impeccably maintained inside and out. I remember meeting one of his bodyguards at the house and he seemed very nice. As you probably know he and Mayor James Curly were "acquainted " and Uncle Pat had may friends.
If you have any questions about him I would be happy to try and answer them for you. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions

I can just close my eyes and picture Patrick's fancy sedan and gorgeous home. It's almost like time travel! Paul has also agreed to make copies of some pictures of his father Walter and grandfather Michael for me. Once I receive them I'll post them here.

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