Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Boston Coleman's

Sometimes research can uncover an old family secret. I came upon such a secret while researching the family of my maternal grandmother, Patricia Marion Coleman. The people I thought were my great-grandparents (John Coleman and Mary V. Burke) were actually my great aunt and uncle. The picture of the distinguished man bottom left is my maternal great-grandfather. He was born about 1873 in Ireland. I have not found out yet when he immigrated here from Ireland. As you can imagine there are several Patrick Coleman's in that time period!! On my grandmother's birth certificate he is listed as a Tonic Salesman and on his death certificate just listed as Retired. There is an article that describes the dispute over his estate after he died (The article is transcribed further down in this post. You see, Patrick was married to another woman and had a son with that woman when my grandmother was born to Margaret Coleman. (No relation). Patrick died on July 2, 1944. According to his death certificate he was buried in Holyhood Cemetary in Brookline, MA.
Margaret Coleman was born on November 16Th 1897 in Boston, MA. She died July 17Th 1959. She is listed as Head of household on both the 1920 and 1930 census with no occupation listed. On the 1930 census she is listed as living alone. My grandmother is already living with John Coleman and Mary Burke at that time. According to John Coleman Jr. she and her two brothers and parents are all buried in New Calvary Cemetery in Boston. The only picture I have of Margaret is the picture posted above. I have also posted pictures of John Coleman and Mary Burke, as well as a picture of my grandmother with John Coleman Jr and Marguerite Coleman. I would like to thank my mother for copying the originals and sending them to me. Also to my Aunt Irene who provided me with the records of my grandmother' s birth parents.
(The first picture is from left to right John Coleman Jr, Marguerite Coleman, Patricia Marion Coleman. The second picture is John Coleman and Mary V Burke my grandmothers aunt and uncle that raised her. The Fourth picture is Margaret Coleman, Patricia's Mother. The fifth picture is Patrick Coleman, Patricia's Father)
The following is a transcription of an article in my mother's possession that is in reference to Patrick Coleman's estate. The lines with question marks (_____?) are areas on the article that were torn or illegible due to the age and condition of the newspaper clipping.
Coleman Estate is Left to Daughter
Attorney Frank Wilson appointed special administrator of Mr. Colemans' estate by Judge Fredrick J. Dillion, Suffolk Probate Court on July 14 said he had no information as to the value of the estate. As special administrator, Attorney Wilson filed a bond for $40,000.
The will, dated Nov 16, 1941, Handwritten on a single sheet of paper left his estate in trust to his daughter, Patricia, who is to receive the di_______? when she reaches the age of 30. Richard Harkins and Dr Louis N. S________? are named Trustees. Dr. Sc(n/h)________? who is serving in the armed forces is named Executor.
More than $35,000 in cash and securities was seized in a series of raids in November, 1943 in connection with the arrest of Coleman and 17 others on charges of registering horse bets and had been retained by the attorney-general pending documentation of the owner since part of it was claimed by Dr. Harkins one of the trustees named on the will and by others.
Dated Dec (20Th??) 1944 on back.

Friday, November 24, 2006


I'm still at a standstill on my Bernardo/Flores line. It seems it may be that way for a while until I can smash my way through my brick wall. It seems like every time I go to update here it has been several months since the last post!! I am going to make a huge effort to update at least once a week. I did get some great pictures of the Coleman line from my Mother today. She was kind enough to also get Walgreens to put them on disk so I can upload them! I am in the process of sending out info to as many Garland relatives that I can in an effort to collect info/stories/pictures for my book I hope to publish. I will be back this weekend with the pictures I received today posted here and on the family website.