Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Brick Knocked Out Of The Wall Part 1

I've been doing a little research on Ruby Bernardo who I mentioned I found some information on with the help of friends in Second Life in this blog post. With the information I found at Family Search on her death I contacted Washington State Library and asked them to look for her obituary. A few days ago I got a response and received the copies of her death notice.

Wow! What great information! I now had her address and what funeral home handled her arrangements. I immediately contacted Gaffney Funeral Home and asked them if they had any information on her. They emailed me back a copy of her funeral record just the other day with a wealth of information. It shows her and Macario are separated at this time, the date of her funeral, cause of death, her religious affiliation, her internment and much more! The full record is below, just click on it to see it full sized.
A friend checked with the cemetery (New Tacoma) and they say they have no record of Ruby so the mystery continues. Stay tuned for part two where I find out some more information on Ruby!

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Thomas MacEntee said...

Congratulations! This drives home Lorine's point that not everything can be found online - sometimes you have to send away for records or go to libraries and archives to do research.

I've found the same is true with my Pressner brick wall which I broke down last month - it only happened by obtaining marriage and death certificates for my great-grandparents.