Sunday, April 26, 2009

Grandma Garlands School Records or THAT'S why I'm so terrible in Math!

While organizing the office/genealogy workspace/craftroom a few weekends ago. While I came upon my Grandma Garlands high school transcripts from Milton High School. I love collecting obscure records of my ancestors, it really puts some flesh on the bones so to speak. It was super easy to get the record, all I did was write a letter to the high school letting them know I was the family historian and was looking for my Grandmother's high school transcripts. I let them know she was deceased and included a copy of her death certificate as proof. A few weeks later I got the transcripts in the mail.

I gleaned some great genealogical information from them too! My Great Uncle John J. Coleman (who raised my grandmother) was listed as guardian with his occupation listed as a shipfitter at Boston Navy Yard. WOW! What a find this is! I also learned that prior to her attending Milton High she was enrolled at Mount St. Joseph Academy. Her grades from Mount St. Joseph were also included which was an added bonus. I had no idea she attended any other high school other than Milton. They will be the next people I contact for more information on Grandma Garland.

As for the grades it seems Grandma Garland was great in P.E. class and Sewing but not so hot in Math. Now I know why I have so much trouble with math!! If you send off for your ancestors school records come back here and let me know what kind of great finds you come up with!

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