Thursday, August 31, 2006

Slow Going

Recently I have been attempting to trace my Grandmother's family. It has proven to be very difficult. Emily June Bernardo was, from family lore, adopted by her StepFather Macario Bernardo soon after she was born. Her mother was Ruby Bernardo (Maiden name either Adams or Davis). I have them all living together in Detroit, Michigan on the 1930 census. When she passed away last year my father found a birth registration card with her birthday of January 13th, 1923 with the name Arratie Flores. I believe this was her birth name before she was adopted by her Stepfather. The census states she was born in Michigan but I have not been able to locate a birth certificate in either her birth name or adopted name. I have also not been able to locate a marriage certificate for Ruby and Macario Bernardo. I am hoping a search for Ruby Bernardo's death certificate will reveal her real madien name and I can proceed from there. Everyone keep their fingers crossed I will be sending off the paper work for the death certificate in a few weeks.

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